Certificate in Chaplaincy Service


This program is, designed to give the person a platform to move his multi-faith duties outside the four walls of the church. The chaplain can visit hospitals, nursing homes and schools on behalf of the church. This program Designed formalize the order, for those who feel they have the need to serve in a multi-faith capacity along with the sense of care.Designed with Evangelism in mind


Courses may include

Foundation of Chaplaincy
Interpersonal and Family Relationships
Bereavement and notification
Understanding personalities
Grief Cycle
Understanding multi- Faith
Responsibility and duties of the chaplain


This certificate will, often serve as a Foundation for Christian Community outreach and giving you the confidence needed to assure you are using the right tool from the foundation up. Those who are burdened with care for all mankind, Evangelist, Retired Ministers and lay Pastor should all take this course.