Curriculum for community service

Certificate in Christian Community Service


This program is designed to give Lay Pastors and Ministry leaders the foundation to Day to day operations of running the church office. This course is intended to harvest confidence in the day to day business development of the church operational structure and foundation.


Courses may include
Understanding Microsoft Word
Using Google for searches
Excel sheet understanding
Emails writing
Downloading and uploading files.
Business foundation 1
Basic Accounting 1
Biblical Business Principle 1
Small Business Management 1
Forecasting monthly
Budgeting Monthly budgeting
Spiritual Mapping


This certificate will, often serve as a Foundation for business to help in the church leadership manage their day to day active activities especially those who have no understanding of business at all.


Certificate in Christian Ministry



This program is one that is designed to give the Christian the level in an opportunity to fulfil his or calling. This program Designed for those who feel they have the need to serve in a Christian capacity along with the sense of care Designed with Evangelism in mind reaching the community in a formal way.

Courses may include

Orientation to the Old Testament
Orientation to the New Testament
Exegetical Methods
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Spiritual cleansing
Spiritual mapping
Spiritual warfare 1
The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Biblical Counseling 1
Evangelist 1

This certificate will, often serve as a Foundation for Christian Community work and giving you the confidence needed to assure you are using the right tool from the foundation up. Evangelist, Pastors and lay Pastor should all take this course



Certificate  in  Practical Ordination


This program is, designed to give the persons are in layperson or have been ordained at other churches but never ever, was trained in the ordinance to come in and explore the proper understanding of how to do a Baptism,  Communion, Baby dedication,  Marriages, Funerals . his multi-faith duties outside the four walls of the church. The chaplain can visit hospitals , nursing homes and schools on behalf of the church. This program formalized those who are pastoring without a license. Designed with Evangelism in mind and those that sense the call of God to ministry.



Courses may include

Foundation of Ministry

Receiving of new members

Conducting weddings civil and Religious

Church ordinances

Communion (Lord supper)

Water Baptism

Baby Dedication

Funeral Ceremony



This certificate will often serve as a

prerequisite to your Foundation for as a Christian Community leader or Pastor or Even an in some Areas to becoming a Chaplain.   Take the next step by becoming Licensed. This course is for everyone who desires to know who to perform the five main ordinances to the church.